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Drop-Hammer Endurance Tester For Treadmill
Use this tester to run endurance and temperature-rise tests

Model HT-2389
Tester’s base plate dimensio: 1000 mm x 1800 mm (or by customer-specified)
Tester’s tyre: 155/13, pressure: 15 bar
Impacted weight: 125 kg, increased by counterpoises.
Can adjust the test position by 200mm in both x- & y-direction.
Maximum drop-down height is 10 mm (adjustable).
The fastest impact frequency is 60 times/minute (adjustable).
Six-digit counter (one set).
Electronic-type thermal controller (one set).
Thermal sensor bar (one set).
Temperature recorder (one set).
Safety protection device: emergent stop switch and overload protection device.
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