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Wheel-Chair’s Dynamic Endurance Tester ( Simulate Under Run Status )
Use this tester to test the electrically driven and hand-driven wheel chair under simulated run status.

Model HT-2388
Roller wheel diameter: ø250 mm ×2 set
Roller wheel length: 1000 mm
The impact block conforms to ISO 7176 spec; and 40 mm in length.
Drill a block-fixing hole at 30°of each roller.
Make embossing process on roller’s outer surface.
Chain-driven roller design.
Perform anti-corrosion process on roller’s outer surface.
The center-to center distance between roll pair is 395~1100 mm adjustable (or specified one).
Use handwheel to fast modulate the center-to center distance between roll pair
Test speed: 1.0±0.1 M/s
Test rpm: rollers can reach up to 1.0±0.1 M/s mean within 10 cycles.
Holding structure: by extruded aluminum frame assembly.
Six-digit electronic counter (one set).
Structure-failure-shutdown sensing devices (two set).
Motor rpm meter (one set)
Electronic timer (one set)
EM clutch (one set)
One set of magnetic brake, able to simulate ramp control. The control range is within 0°~15°
Water-spray system: use water-spray system to simulate wet road status. The water spray-out flowrate is 4ml/s.
Safety devices:
1. Emergent stop switch
2. Current overflow shutdown device
3. Auto-shutdown sensor when the specimen’s position installed is offset.
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