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Iron Nail Detecing Tester
The iron nail, staples, needles, buckles, metal chips…etc hidden or built-in shoes, clothing, rubber, wood, food, toys…and so on often makes your finger pain or blood while you are processing for it, and so it is absolutely necessary to get rid of it before you start your process.
This tester is easy to operate. If you put something with metal tiny stuffs inside through the top of detector, LED alarm lights and the buzzer starts to ring immediately.


Modle HT-2368
Detecting distance 8 cm for staples, 30 cm for iron stuffs
Method of alarm Buzzer & red LED
Power Both AC/DC feasible, 1ΓΈ, 220~240V, 50/60Hz or DC6V
Dimension (WxHxD) About 21x37x 4 cm
Weight About 10 kg
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