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Accelerated Weather Tester
ASTM G53 , D4587 , D4799 , ISO 4892 , SAE J2020 , BS 27282
This UV weather tester ( made in USA ) is to imitate the natural condition of climate in order to understand the weather resistance for the samples exposed in the normal circumstance for a long time. This would be helpful for us to be able to make out in advance how the samples would get aged, fade, oxidation, crack, blister, deteriorate…etc. This would be a very useful and important for quality control for product development and improvement.

Model UV 2000 / SPRAY UV 2000
UV exposure
Touch screen panel
Irradiance control
Adjustable irradiance
Water Spray
Self-diagnostic function
Calibration Radiometer Optional
Number of sample 46 pcs (75×150 mm) + Black panel thermometer
Temperature Range UVtemp. 50~80°C
condensing temp. 40~60°C
Number of UV lamp 8 pcs (4 pcs for spare)
Source of water Distilled water
Water consumption 7 liter/min 8 liter/min
Power 1ø, 220V, 50/60Hz
Net weight About 155 kgs
Dimension About 135 x 51 x 155 cm
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