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Humidity Cabinet Testing Chamber
ASTM D1748, JAN H792, JIS E-0236, Mil. STD. C1617, NDS K2801
This tester provides a mean for evaluating the rust-preventive properties of metal preservatives or coating films under conditions of high humidity and high temperature.
This tester applies to most auto parts in high humidity atmosphere, anti-rust oils and useful for imitation of the oceanic transportation.

Model HC-2
Inside dimensions (WxHxD) 71x71x72 cm
Test temperature 49°C±1°C
Test humidity 98±1%
Number of test specimen 36 pcs
Air volume 0.8 cu.m/hr
Specimen rotating speed 1/3 rpm
Dimensions 110 kgs
Power 91x91x132 cm
Consumption 1ø, 220V, 50/60Hz, 3KW
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