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Seat And Seat Belt Anchorage Testing Machine ( Six / Nine Axles )
The machine is used for testing the seat strength at different part of seat, specially the extended seat for van or pickups. It is available to individually control the each oil pressure vat action, set up each axes loading and test condition. But set up at the beginning of loading, and can each test axes at the beginning of loading arrive time, execute test loading action again.

Modle HT-2139
Capacity 30 kN
Hydraulic cylinder 6 pcs
Load cell 6 pcs
Servo valve 6 pcs
Seat fastening bench 500×200 cm, height: 200 cm
Vertical moving distance of cylinder ±100 mm
Horizontal moving distance of cylinder ±100 mm
Power package and servo hydraulic
Control system
1 set
Seat fastening bench 500×200 cm, height: 200 cm
Control method of hydraulic cylinder 6 hydraulic cylinders can be controlled separately
Capacity of each hydraulic cylinder 30 kN
Stroke of hydraulic cylinder 1000 mm
Encoder 6 sets, with fasteners
Power 3ø; 220V / 380V / 415V; 50/60Hz
Dimensions Weight main body 695x241x274 cm
Control box 148x84x172 cm
Power package 170x141x150 cm
Weight Main body 18000 kg
Control box 200 kg
Power package 900 kg
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