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Infrared Testing Chamber
The machine is used to measure how materials get quality deteriorates under the infrared light of sunshine. This could be a good reference for your material analysis or quality improvement. The materials applicable to this machine can be leather, car seats or interior materials of automobiles.

Modle HT-2138
Chamber space
150x230x150 cm
Range of temperature Rt+10°C~120°C
Space temperature Rt+10°C~100°C
Material adopted Chamber Inside: SUS#304 heat-proof cold-resistant stainless steel plate
Chamber outside: SUS#304 high tension stainless steel plate, with fog-stripe treatment
Exit: 67×170 cm, with multi-layer vacuum reinforced glass window for observation (40×20 cm)
Testing desk: stainless steel platform
Base of chamber: reinforced with stainless steel
Material of heat insulation: High intensity ceramic-fiber insulation materials
Sensor T type sensor is adopted to measure the surface temperature of object
Uniformity of temperature ±2°C for the same material and same color
Heating system European made infrared bulb 220/250 W x 42 pcs
Light source Cooling system for infrared bulb, can last continuously for a long time without burning tungsten
Maximum adjusting
angel of light source
Control system micro-computer touch-panel type temperature controller
Observing window 200×400 mm with double-layer reinforced glass 200×400 mm
Test bench with height adjustable object rack (Screw-adjusting type)
Six-dot display object surface temperature can be displayed by six-points indicator
6-point display for different color
Can directly display 6-point temperatures and can record time, date and wording
Power 1ø, 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 162x275x162 cm
Weigh 400 kg
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