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Reciner Durability Tester
When sitting in cars, we have often to adjust the angel of seat-back in order to have the most comfortable sitting. This machine is used to conduct durability test for the reclining switch of car seats. After finishing the preset testing cycles, observe the test sample and see how it get worn out , so as to judge its quality.

Modle HT-2128
Working table 120×100 cm (suitable for testing front seats), 70 cm distance from ground (base should be sealed by metal board), T slot, transverse direction, 200 mm distance
Test method Moving seat back to the front end -> rear end -> design position as 1 cycle. Testing cycle 12,000 cycles needed.
Moving seat back to the front end -> First LOCK position -> Front end as 1 cycle. Testing 2,000 cycles needed.
Moving seat back to the front end -> first LOCK position -> Rear end
Test speed 1.3~1.5 m/sec (apply 600 mm above the rotating center of seat back)
Pause function Available to pause and observe the sample at 1/3 of test
Load cell PLC controller
Power 1ΓΈ, 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) main body: 119x120x175 cm
control box: 125x65x139 cm
Weight main body: 600 kg
control box: 200 kg
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