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Computer Servo Hydraulic Torque Tester
This tester can test the torque strength of wrench, screwdriver, screw and transmission shaff …etc. It is available to preset the torque force, test angle and maximum break force, in order to understand the quality of your products, and which is an important reference for your product improvement or updating.


Modle HT-2126
Method of driving servo motor or servo hydraulic system
Capacity max. 100 kgf-m or upon request
Angle sensor 1 set
Computer hardware 1 set
Windows based test Available to input specimen information, test standard, test date…etc. information, test standard, test date…etc.
Program for torque 1 set Available to display and print out report, max. torque, max. angle, graphs of torque-angle, torque-time, angle-time…etc.
Test grips 1 set
Protection shield 1 set
Grips fastening track 1 set
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