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Computer Servo Hydraulic Ball Joint Fatigue Tester
Ball joints undergo multi-functional loads while an automobile is being driven on the road, especially when the road surface is bumpy. Therefore, the durability of ball joints becomes an important issue for the ball joint producers and carmakers. This tester sets a strict level of testing conditions; the test results of this tester are highly essential information for product improvement and development.


Modle HT-2125
Push down force 20 kN, 50 kN (settable)
Test angle Front/rear ±10°, speed 60 rpm
Right/left ±20°, speed 32 rpm
Test speed Front/rear 10~70 rpm (adjustable)
Right/left 10~40 rpm (adjustable)
Test fixture 1 set, distance adjustable
Servo hydraulic system 1set Servo valve 1 set
Oil tank 1 set
Pump motor 1 set
Filter 1 set
Load cell capacity 50 kN (5000 kgs)
Computer system 1 set
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