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Computer Servo Control Seat Strength Tester
This tester is used to test the strength and deformation of welding points for the frame of car seats before or after forming.

Modle HT-2122
Capacity 20 kN (2000 kgs)
Platform base 2000-1000 mm, T-shape groovex8pcs
Main frame Tensile-driven mechanism construction
Ball screws Class C8 x 2pcs with anti-dust cover
Positioning adjustment Front-rear displacement mechanism
Upper-lower displacement mechanism
Tensile-driven mechanism AC servo motor driven, speed 0.5~200 mm/min
Ascendingl movemet AC motor + gear box, Max. 500 mm/min
Horizontal movement AC motor + gear box, speed Max. 200 mm/min
Data acquisition system Computer system (hardware & software)
Power 1 phase, 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight main body: 3000 kgs
control box: 1000 kgs
Dimension main body: 295x156x220 cm
control box: 140x80x149 cm
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