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Computer Servo Control Seat Static Load Tester
This tester is used to measure the load value of each point on a seat and get an average value, in order to make sure the seat can has even load on each point so as to achieve comfortable sitting.durability test for the seat sponge of car seats.

Modle HT-2121
Speed 10~1000 mm/min
Load cell 20 kN x 1set, 1 kN x 1set
Power 1 phase, 220V, 50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 310x194x300 cm (main body)
140x80x149 cm (control box)
Weight 3000 kgs (main body)
100 kgs (control box)
Stroke X-axis: 1000 mm, Y-axis: 2000 mm, Z-axis: 1200 mm
Driving method AC servo motor + ball screws x 3 sets
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