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Product Description

Double support drop test machine
  • The bearing plate is magnetically controlled, and the test subject is free to fall in an instant. Maximum load: 65Kg, test height 40-200cm, testsubject size 80x80x80cm, power requirements 220V 60Hz single phase.
  • Lifting method: using motor drive, height can be adjusted.
  • Test angle: angle, line and face of packaging container.
  • Micro switch: upper and lower limits are micro-switch to prevent accidental operation of the impact, to protect the machine..
  • Tape measure: with 200cm long roll tape,and the indicator can quickly see the actual scale movements.
  • Fall plates: the use of aluminum alloy material which does not rust, and falling noise is small.
  • Control button: The use of the button magnetic switch, only a light press on the DROP button, the plates can automatically fall, and can be adjusted up and down.
  • Lead screw pole: the level of fall with round lead screw pole, can lift up and down vertically and smoothly.
  • Control box: The machine and the control box are separated and can be controlled in a safer way to prevent the operator from injury due to falling.
  • Grinding rod: one spindle, one auxiliary shaft on the left and right, all use the grinding spindle to prevent swinging from side to side.

Product Feature
Cushioning packaging design, packaging material selection, packagingcontend design, drop specifications test.

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