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Main Function:

1.        Basic function: include all functions of image processing and measurement system, such as image capture, calibration, image processing, geometric measurement, annotation, photo album management and fixed times print etc;

2.        Automatic measurement: Automatically capture the indentation and measure the diameter and calculate the corresponding value of Brinell hardness;

3.        Manual measurement: Manually measure the indentation, the system calculates the corresponding value of Brinell hardness;

4.        Hardness conversion: The system can convert the measured Brinell hardness value HB to other hardness value such as HV, HR etc;

5.        Data statistics: The system can automatically calculate the average value, variance and other statistical value of the hardness;

6.        Standard exceeding alarm: Automatic mark the abnormal value, when the hardness exceeds the specified value, it automatically alarms;

7.        Test report: Automatically generate the report of WORD or EXCEL format, the report templates can be modified by the user.

8.        Easy to use: Click on the interface button or press the camera button or press the run button to automatically complete all the work; if need manual measurement or modify the results, just drag the mouse;

9.        Strong noise resistance: The advanced and reliable image recognition technology can handle the indentation recognition on the surface of the complex sample, two kinds of automatic measurement mode to deal with the extreme situation;

10.    Automatic calibration: The system has provided a calibration function, convenient for the indentation size measurement and may calibrate at any time. With a calibration grid, the system can automatically implement full calibration for calibration grid intersection points to eliminate measurement error caused by lens distortion.

Standard Configuration:

1.      Computer (Hard disk: 500G, Memory: 2G, 19 inch LCD screen)  1 set
2.      Ink Jet Printer    1 set
3.      Portable Camera Device    1 set
4.      USB Softdog    1 pc
5.      Measuring Software    1 pc

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