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Apply The Image Identification System On Production Line
We can classify images into digital and analog type; the analog image is the conventional photo or film that applies chemical process plus photo-image technology to form visible image, whereas digital image has applied the computer skill cutting a single image into numerous pixels and expresses the image data by numerical digits. The skill of applying segmentation, edge detection, thinning & framework separating extraction processes to identify any part’s outer appearance, and directly applied this skill into production line to replace manual inspection, in the prospect to improve the production speed and elevate product’s yield rate, so far has been more and more widely applied to industrial automation.


Automatically test product’s defect, such as keyway or slut detection and edge-broken or surface pit check, etc.
Automatically measure specific precise dimension.
Automatically match product’s shape.
Make non-touched inspection.
Perform precise dimension measurement, able to reach micrometer precision to tiny and precise dimensions.
Rapid and unity of fast inspection; able to maintain identical inspection/test standard under long-term operation. Can satisfy the streamline’s on-line test/inspection.
Association and application of image system
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