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Individual Test Systems

In addition to ordinary testing machines, RAAGEN is also specialized into the development of tailor-made solutions.


Special inspection tasks might require a tailor-made machine. RAAGEN is a specialist on this field. From conception through engineering and manufacturing to commissioning, RAAGEN experienced technical engineer team will find the right solution for your application.

The tailor-made design of the machines does not only include the mechanical engineering but also the development of our testing software for specific testing applications. As RAAGEN develops its own systems, the test parameters can be easily and quickly be adjusted to comply with all kinds of testing applications.

Examples of Tailor-Made Test Machines

  • Functional testing machines
  • Active static testing machines for bearing with internal combustion simulation
  • Industrial testing equipments with servo-hydraulic actuators, electronic controllers and special measuring accessories.
  • Materials testing machines for special applications


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