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Benchtop unit for fatigue strength testing

3 cylindrical specimens made of steel, AISI1040

Special shape specimens for demonstrating the influence of notching and surface finish

Recording of a stress-number (S-N) diagram

Maximum motor speed 3000rpm, power output 0.37kW

Single phase electric motor, 230V , 50Hz

Loading with spring balance 0…300N

Adjustment using threaded spindle with hand wheel

Loading via moveable plain bearing

Automatic shut down on specimen fracture by stop switch integrated into the bearing

Electronic load cycle and revolutions counter with 8-digit digital display or with manual counter

Contactless inductive speed sensor


Technical Data


- speed: 3000rpm

- output: 0.37kW

Load: 0…300N

Load cell available on request

AC servo motor available on request

Software available on request


Digital load cycle counter

- electronic

- 8-digit digital display

- can be switched to display speed

Manual counter available on request


Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 1000 x 450 x 550 mm

Weight : approx. 50 kg


230V , ~50Hz


Scope of Delivery

1 complete fatigue testing machine

3 test bars


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