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Raagen Electromecaninc Universal Testing Machines have high performance, accuracy, reliability and advanced user-friendly software and users delivers the most accurate results in tests. Electromechanical test systems with servo system running on high precision and efficiency, environmentally friendly oil-free, maintenance costs are low system.The load frame is essentially composed of a base, columns, and moving crosshead. Most units have a single test space between the base and the crosshead. These test systems are generally used in compression, tension, bending and flexural test. Also they can use for disbonding, adhesion and cycle tests.

The Raagen electromechaninc universal testing machines can be design according to requirement of load as a four-column soil types. Positioning accuracy is 1 μm. Load accuracy is 0,5% ± class. They can be perform load, position and strain controlled test. Extensometer,LVDT, tensile grips, 3-4 point bending test equipments and compression tools can be added. In addition we can produce the fixtures according to standards that you needed.


  • Suitable for Tensile, Compression and Bending Tests
  • From 100 N to 6000 kN Load Capacity
  • Floor Type or Desktop Type
  • Rigid Frame with 4 Colums and 2 Ball Screws
  • Easy Test Process Through Doli Remote Control Console (Made in Germany)
  • User Friendly Doli T&M Software (Made in Germany)
  • Automatic Test End Procedure
  • Position and Load Controlled Tests
  • Position Control and Measurement Accuracy 1 μm
  • Load Control and Measurement Accuracy 0,5% According to ISO 7500-1
  • Tensile Test According to the EN 6892-1
  • Double Test Space (opsional)
  • Load Resolution ±180.000 Steps
  • Mitsubishi Electric Servo Motor and Servo Driver (Made in Japan)


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